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Eligibility : XII Pass Out

Duration : 1 year

Course Type : Online/Offline

Details of test : Minor Test- 8,MajorFull Syllabus Test- 11 & Study Material

Starting Date: 27 Oct 2020


Eligibility : XII Appearing

Duration : 1 year

Course Type : Online/Offline

Details of test : Minor Test- 7,MajorFull Syllabus Test- 10 + Study Material

Starting Date: 13 July 2020


Eligibility : XI Appearing

Duration : 2 year

Course Type : Online/Offline

Details of test: Class XI (Minor Test)– 9, Class XII(MinorTest)-7, MajorFull Syllabus Test – 10, Study Material

Starting Date: 22 July 2020


Eligibility : XI - XII undergoing and XII passed students

Duration : ---

Course Type : Online/Offline

Details of test: MinorTest- 8,MajorFull Syllabus Test-11

Starting Date: -- -- --


Eligibility : XI - XII Appearing and XII Pass Out

Duration : 1 year

Course Type : Offline

Details of test: Major Full Syllabus Test- 11

Starting Date: -- -- --


Eligibility : XI - XII Appearing and XII Pass Out

Duration : 1 year

Course Type : Online

Details of test: Minor Test- 8, MajorFull Syllabus Test-11

Starting Date: -- -- --

Mobile App

Nowadays it is more practical and viable for the students and parents to keep checking apps on their mobiles. Therefore, we have launched SKDNSCI mobile app with pocket study so that students can easily study online as well as stay updated with contents, material, quiz etc provided by SKDNSCI. You can download this app through google play store and app store.


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SKD New Standard Coaching Institute with Shri S.K.D. Singh, as the founder, is the most reputed institute of North India for Pre-Medical guidance. The institute is renowned for its academic excellence and remarkable performance. No other institute holds so glorious a track record ever since its inception as does the SKD New Standard Coaching Institute, It has the highest rate of selection for sending thousands of students to medical profession for which it is widely acclaimed all over the country. The ever-growing tally of selection in various reputed Medical Colleges, is a long saga which covers a long span of 36 years, and it is in itself, a proven track record of its excellence. SKD New Standard Coaching is located at Hazratganj in the heart of Lucknow’ at 1st Floor, Skylark Building (Near Leela Cinema). The institute is centrally located so that it is very easily and conveniently approachable from all corners of the city. It provides all the facilities and amenities that a student needs most. Being right at the centre of Lucknow, transport and hostel facilities are in the close vicinity.

Why choose Us?

Highly Qualified & Experienced Faculty

Since 36 years, with a large pool of dedicated, highly qualified and experienced faculty members, we maintain an optimal…

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Outstanding Results

We have maintained an excellent track record for over decades in delivering outstanding results in various medical entrance exams every year…

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Latest Teaching Techniques

SKD new standard coaching is moving ahead by adapting latest teaching techniques with the help of digital learning programmes to..

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Comprehensive Study Material

Our most comprehensive study material is curated by subject matter experts that empowers you with an in-depth understanding of all…

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